Feature Story

Porsche 918 RSR/LS3

DSC_2916wmOur ears went up when we heard there was a Porsche 918 on display at the 2016 Race & Performance Expo and right away we made a beeline to try to ferret it out. We discovered ‘it’ way in the back and soon learned it wasn’t the German brand’s latest hybrid supercar but instead a beautiful retro icon with an abundance of high-tech modern cues. The name comes by way of the shop responsible for the build – The Custom Shop, located in Flanagan, IL. They’re a playful bunch and had some fun with naming their latest creation. See, it’s a 911 but has been equipped with a Chevrolet LS3 V8. If you’re still not seeing it – lop off a 1 from 911 and swap in a 8, boom – 918. Technically the full name is the Porsche 918 RSR/LS3 and it looked simply gorgeous, and capable, from any angle. Check out video walk-around below in case you don’t believe us.


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