FEATURE: 1964 Dodge Custom 880

This 1964 Dodge 880 Custom is all original.

While out attending some Memorial Day classic car shows, we stumbled upon this sweet little 1964 Dodge Custom 880 two-door hardtop. David Dehart is the very proud owner and told us how he came to own such a clean Mopar machine:

David Dehart stands next to his 1964 Dodge Custom 880.

David Dehart

“I found it in 2008, sitting parked in a car corral at a local swap meet. The condition of the car? Dirty! The interior was a little rough but it was basically all-original. Even today it still has the original paint and even original chrome.”

A 361ci V8 is in underhood.

A 361ci V8 is in underhood.

Buyers in 1964 were given two engine options: a 305hp, 383ci V8 or a smaller 361ci V8, putting out a modest 265hp and 380 lb-ft. David’s cruiser has the latter, as well as optional power steering and power brakes. He picked the car because of the model year’s significance.

“The year 1964 was a very special year to me. I got married that year, it was the first year I could vote and a ’64 Polara was my first new car. It was also the 50th anniversary of Dodge.”

This 1964 Dodge Custom 880 is all original.

David found this Custom 880 at a swap meet.

David informed us the paint is just ‘plain white’ and also that he cruises to area events like Mundelein’s Park on Park and the Libertyville and Lake Zurich cruise nights. As for the behind the wheel experience?

“Driving this car transports me right back to when I was 21 and young. Its just a great experience.”

The interior of this 1964 Dodge Custom 880 is original.

The red & tan interior is all original.

 Even though sales were lethargic for the 880 and they were quickly discontinued after a few short years of production (1962-65), David is quite content with his classy two-door:

“Dodge had a distinct starter noise so when you turn the key, you hear a little whine then the big engine fires and turns over. It’s like YES! That’s Detroit Iron!”

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